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Windsor Apartments For Rent

Moving to Windsor?

Windsor sits at the Canada/US border, neighbouring Detroit and is a major contributor to Canada’s automotive industry. Because of the proximity to the US (you can drive to Detroit in 10 minutes) there has been a big US influence in this city. Sports, food and even local industries have a strong American feel. Windsor is a relatively inexpensive city to live in with so much to see and do – if you’re lucky enough to get an apartment here.

Who lives in Windsor?

Families with children. Windsor is perfect for trades workers and small business owners.

What’s Windsor’s culture?

With a huge American influence, Windsor is a city like no other in Canada. Downtown is bustling with amazing businesses and restaurants, cultural diversity has played a huge role in the types of restaurants and shops you can find.

What is Windsor’s housing market? 

Windsor has a hot rental market. Rentals increased 24% in 2021, so if you are looking to rent in Windsor, there is no doubt you are in a very competitive market!

Tips for apartment hunting in Windsor

If you’re apartment hunting in Windsor, you better have a lucky charm with you! Windsor experienced the largest rental increase in Canada after 2020 and it’s only going up. While still less expensive than other Ontario cities, rental prices have increased almost 25% in the past year. Rising rental costs and lack of inventory have made obtaining an apartment a shot in the dark, and if you are one of the lucky people to actually land an apartment in this city, you will be paying more than you would have a year ago.

Something you should know:

Crime rates in Windsor are moderate but in the past few years there have been an increase related to drugs, theft and vandalism. And, since Windsor is home to many industrial manufacturing plants, because of this staple industry there is a high level of air pollution. Plus, historically, Windsor has been subject to natural disasters such as flooding and tornadoes.

Getting around in Windsor 

Enjoy eating in one of the many downtown restaurants and shopping at the unique small shops. Visit Dieppe Gardens on the Detroit Riverfront. Take a beautiful self guided walking tour through the Olde Walkerville Neighborhood and enjoy all of the historical houses. Sample what’s on tap at the Walkerville Brewery. Soak up some history at Willistead Manor. Are you in for some serious shopping? Hit Devonshire Mall!

Windsor points of interest:

  • Dieppe Gardens
  • Olde Walkerville Neighborhood
  • Walkerville Brewery
  • Canadian Aviation Museum
  • Willistead Manor
  • Devonshire Mall
  • The Colosseum
  • Windsor Riverfront 
  • Windsor Train Station
  • Windsor International Airport