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How It Works


  1. Create an account.

  2. Create an ad for your vacancy.

  3. Add time to your account and post your add

Advertising with RentBoard is a bit unique. When you post an ad, you pay for only the time you use, not a flat listing fee. Therefore, if your property rents quickly, your cost will be extremely low compared to other listing sites. We charge as low as $0.70 per day!

When you post your ad, the clock starts ticking. When you have found your new tenant, remove your ad and the clock stops. Any remaining time left in your account can then be used to advertise your next vacancy!


If you own or manage a large number of rental units, the Rentboard offers additional pricing plans and features that will help fill your vacancies. Please contact us


What does and Ad on get you?

  • Exposure to over 400,000 renters per month
  • E-mail notifications sent out to thousands of potential tenants wanting to know when new renal ads are posted
  • Ability to edit your ad anytime
  • UNLIMITED pictures you can upload yourself and change anytime
  • Include MULTIPLE YouTube videos and/or MatterPort 3D tours in your ad.
  • Full page ad with comprehensive property details
  • Email inquiries form potential tenants are sent directly to you
  • Text message notifications sent directly to your cell phone
  • Statistics showing the number of times your ad has been viewed
  • Your ad gets saved in our database for easy re-posting
  • Your ad is automatically syndicated to other rental sites
  • Email Reminders: We will e-mail you when your ads are about to expire, so you don't have to wonder whether or not your ads are running
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