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Scarborough Apartments For Rent

Moving to Scarborough?

Is Scarborough Toronto? Well… that depends on who you ask. If it’s someone living outside the GTA, absolutely! Someone living downtown TO, definitely not. And what if you’re in Scarborough? Then it depends on how annoyed you are with the TTC that day. Whether Scarborough is seen as Toronto or as one of its suburbs, it provides a lot of opportunity to its residents. Sure, it’s got rough edges, but it welcomes locals of all income levels and backgrounds, giving them a place to call their own. 

Who lives in Scarborough?

Families dominate Scarborough. Both married and single parents are common. Parents in the area also share a passion for their work – and for giving their kids the best possible start in life. Scarborough is also a highly diverse, multilingual community. There is a large immigrant population, as well as a lot of support for those who are new to Canada. While there’s a wide range of income levels, the overall average in Scarborough is lower than in Canada as a whole. Scarborough is perfect for families looking for a place to focus on their kids, work and school.

What’s Scarborough’s culture?

Life in Scarborough is busy. A lot of residents work hard to make ends meet, with some people working two, three, or even four jobs. When not working, a lot of locals want to spend time with their families. Luckily, there are tons of family-friendly activities and events, especially on the weekends. Most activities and events are also free or provided at a low cost. There are also a lot of communities in Scarborough, including immigrant, culturally based and low-income support communities. 

What is Scarborough’s housing market? 

The rental market in Scarborough is in high demand with low supply. That means rentals don’t last long, so be prepared to sign an application on the spot when you find the right rental. Low supply also means that your rental may not tick all the must-have boxes, but it’s worthwhile getting a place that’s close enough, because prices are only on the rise.

Typical housing type: 

A mix of apartment buildings and detached homes.

Tips for apartment hunting in Scarborough

It’s a game of supply and demand. Not much supply and high demand in Scarborough has caused rental rates to increase. If you are lucky enough to sign a rental agreement you’ll need to have a heavy wallet!

Something you should know:

Some parts of Scarborough have issues with crime and drug use. If you are moving to town, especially with kids, take a close look at any neighbourhood before you sign a lease. Also make sure to check out what neighbourhoods you will need to walk through to get to and from home. 

Getting around in Scarborough 

Scarborough runs on the TTC, but it can take a while to get around if you aren’t by the subway line. If you have a car, it’s quick to get into downtown or to hop on the 401 – as long as you aren’t travelling at rush hour. There’s no shortage of schools, libraries, or shopping essentials in the area. Looking for a mall? The best one is Scarborough Town Centre. Plus, there are movie theatres and the Toronto Zoo, if you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment. For picturesque views, make sure to check out the Scarborough Bluffs. There’s a great variety of food and marketplaces. If that’s not enough to be getting on with, Markham and downtown are both a short hop away! 

Scarborough points of interest:

  • Scarborough Bluffs 
  • Bluffers Park
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Scarborough Town Centre 
  • Rosetta McClain Gardens 
  • Thomson Memorial Park 
  • Guild Park
  • Kidstown Water Park 
  • Rouge Beach
  • Scarborough Museum 
  • Cedar Ridge Creative Centre 
  • Hungarian Monument