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Moving to Regina?

Two of the best things about Regina are that it’s beautiful and affordable. It’s an urban city accessible to all people and there’s a lot of support for young families here. What makes Regina even more unique is its fascinating history and the strong arts and culture scene including local Indigenous artists and musicians. While beautiful, there is a darker side to Regina. Currently, Regina is working through issues in the city including drug use and high rates of violent crime. The city struggles with poverty and serious crime in certain areas, with most victims unfortunately being Indigenous Canadians. On the flip side, Regina is shedding its stuffy Prairie town past and welcoming a new, young influx of people.  


Who lives in Regina?

The majority of the population in Regina identifies as British, Canadian, or German. However, things are starting to change here. Immigrants to Canada now make up 65% of the city's growth. Plus, there is a significant Indigenous community in this area. The city is still not diverse per se, but it’s getting there. A large part of the population in this city are families with young children. Locals here are mostly healthy and focused on work and family, but there are still a lot of addiction and mental health initiatives in the city as there is a growing problem with drug use. 


What’s Regina’s culture?

The community in Regina is mostly made up of locals who did not grow up in the city. Instead, they tend to come from rural areas, which is why they like sticking to those roots despite living in the big city. That’s why Regina mostly gives a small-town feel despite being a major city. Most people here are friendly and will help each other, but they will avoid going to some parts of downtown at night due to crime and drug issues. Instead, locals like staying at home to spend time with families or pop over to a local pub to have drinks with friends. Summers are also a fun time for the locals here as they will do anything they can to soak in the sun while they can… because winters are harsh here. 


What is Regina’s housing market?  

Regina’s housing market was on fire a couple of years ago but that has now left the market flooded with new buildings and not enough demand. If you are looking into moving to Regina, this is good news for you because you’ll be able to land a place here at a steal. Before you make any decisions, research the neighbourhood you’d be living in to make sure you’re comfortable. 


Tips for apartment hunting in Regina

Most locals in Regina look for affordability when apartment hunting, which is great because there are a lot of low-cost rentals for under $1,000 here. The only catch though is that certain locations, even downtown, can be unsafe. That’s why the key to finding the perfect place here is to do your research on Regina’s neighbourhoods. If you have the means, we recommend you to pay more in exchange for living in a safer area. 

Something you should know:

Regina is one of those cities where you need to carefully research and understand the landscape before making a decision. While there’s much to offer you in this city, there is a big drug issue across the city, especially in the North Central neighbourhood. The HIV infection rate is also double the national average and violent crime is high here. Regina is the nation’s leading city in aggravated assault cases. While all urban areas will have their own set of problems, we strongly advise you to learn more about Regina before making a decision to move here. 


Getting around in Regina 

A favourite thing to do across the board for locals is to stroll through the Wascana Centre Park and enjoy its stunning views across the water. There’s also an abundance of green spaces around, which gives locals room to breathe and relax from the busy city life. Regina is also great for families with young children, as there are many private and public school options in town, plus three amazing libraries. To support families, the city has built community and neighbourhood centres around Regina, offering programs to young children. 

If you enjoy shopping, Cornwall Centre and the Victoria Square Shopping Centre have great options. And there are a lot of health clinics in Regina. If you like watching hockey or sports, head over to a local pub - they are well-loved by the locals here! For those who are new to Regina, check out Stone Hall Castle or bring your family to the Saskatchewan Science Centre. Your kids will love it!

Regina points of interest:

  • Wascana Centre 
  • Royal Saskatchewan Museum
  • Saskatchewan Legislative Building 
  • Saskatchewan Science Centre 
  • Stone Hall Castle
  • Government House
  • Conexus Arts Centre 
  • Kings Park Speedway