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Moving to Red Deer?

Halfway between Edmonton and Calgary, Red Deer like is Alberta’s forgotten child. Even though it's the third-largest city in the province, it’s eclipsed by Calgary and Edmonton. So what does Red Deer have to offer? Well, a lot, actually. It’s a great spot if you need to travel between Calgary and Edmonton often. It’s got a great, emerging food scene. Much of it is geared to families. Plus, if you work in oil or agriculture, there are jobs in the area for you.

Who lives in Red Deer?

So, let’s be real... Red Deer isn’t the most diverse place in Canada (though it’s not the least either). If you are a member of a marginalized community, we strongly encourage you to check the city and the news before making a move. Locals tend to be families with kids of all ages. Parents generally work in one of the city’s major industries and rake in a solid income each year. In fact, average wages in Red Deer are well above the norm for Canada. Red Deer College has been a draw for students from all over Western Canada. Red Deer is perfect for families with kids, single people, older or retired people.

What’s Red Deer’s culture?

Red Deer is generally seen as a blue-collar city. Residents tend to work in high-paying, trade-based jobs that give them a good amount of disposable income to enjoy toys like quads, boats and sleds. Families love to live in Red Deer for the friendly community and various activities to keep the little ones happy. There are so many recreational activities in the city as well as surrounding areas, you don’t need to go far to enjoy Sylvan Lake or the Rocky Mountains.

What is Red Deer’s housing market? 

Housing in Red Deer is all over the map. There’s everything from luxury homes to community housing. Prices are generally better than Calgary or Edmonton – which is one of the area’s draws. On top of that, rentals tend to be easy to find. Just set your price range, double check neighbourhoods before you move in, and you should be able to find something that will work for you! 

Tips for apartment hunting in Red Deer

Looking for a cheap apartment for rent in Red Deer? You’ll be happy to know that rental prices are much lower here, compared to its bigger sisters Calgary and Edmonton. In addition to that, with Red Deer being Alberta’s third-largest city, new rental listings are super easy to find. 

Something you should know:

Red Deer has struggled with drug-related crime, to an increasing degree over the past couple of decades. Be cautious about where you are in the city, especially at night. Oh, and pick your parking spots carefully as vehicle break-ins are common. The highest crimes in the city are related to drug use, vandalism and theft, whereas violent crime is much lower in Red Deer than it is in Calgary and Edmonton.

Getting around inRed Deer 

Red Deer is in the centre of Alberta’s action, being situated by a number of major highways. There’s a pretty centrally located hospital, as well as a number of medical clinics scattered around the city. For beautiful natural spaces and golf courses, head over to the Red Deer River area. Each neighbourhood will also have parks, schools, and basic necessities close by. On the west side of the city is Red Deer College and Bower Place shopping mall. If you’re looking for entertainment, check out Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery or the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. Heritage Ranch located just outside the city offers trail rides and amazing winter activities with horse drawn carriage rides and Christmas lights displays.

Red Deer points of interest:

  • Red Deer River 
  • Kerry Wood Nature Centre 
  • Waskasoo Park 
  • Bower Ponds 
  • Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery 
  • Alberta Sports Hall of Fame 
  • Heritage Ranch