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Oakville Apartments For Rent

Moving to Oakville?

Oakville is famous for being one of the top places to retire in the Greater Toronto area – if you have money. This city is known for its sophisticated European charm, but everything here is expensive. From housing to food, it will cost you an arm and a leg, and more. That being said, Oakville is a great place to live if you can afford the high costs. Its beautiful waterfront and warm and friendly community here make it a great place to settle down. Plus if you are a senior with health issues, Oakville has a strong medical community with plenty of support here. 


Who lives in Oakville?

The majority of locals in Oakville are, on average, more affluent compared to neighbouring cities. There’s a huge community of seniors here who retired with a lot of money. There are also families in this area, and they tend to be highly educated and make a high income. Despite being an affluent community, money is not the focus and locals here enjoy outdoor and cultural activities, like boating and seeing the opera.

What’s Oakville’s culture?

Oakville is a picturesque city. You’ll often see retired locals running around completing errands in the morning, and then enjoying a cup of coffee and strolling through downtown in the afternoons. There’s also no shortage of social clubs and hobbies here for seniors who need activities to stay busy. Fine ding, shopping, and entertainment are enjoyed during the evenings and weekends. And lastly, locals love the outdoor activities here, especially when it has something to do with being out on the water. 


What is Oakville’s housing market?  

Especially by the waterfront, Oakville has a lot of gorgeous homes. There’s also a diverse range of housing, with apartment buildings around the city plus luxury condos close to the mall and highway. Like most cities, you’ll get what you pay for here. Luxury condos and waterfront properties will cost very high, and apartments further afield will be more affordable. 


Tips for apartment hunting in Oakville

While it’s easy to find an apartment in Oakville, you won’t see anything under $1,000 a month. It’s also hard to find an apartment that is all-inclusive here. At most, you may get water or hydro included. But there are plenty of condo buildings with lots of amenities. Most places here will have dishwashers, pools, fitness centres, balconies and even laundry. Pets are also welcome at a lot of places here, including some downtown Oakville rentals.

Something you should know:

The older population in Oakville is well supported in the city due to the huge retirement community here. It’s an ideal place to be especially if you are working through health issues. There are so many great doctors and specialists here, plus the community in Oakville are all very accommodating and understanding of those with health problems. That includes those working at restaurants or stores.


Getting around in Oakville 

Downtown Oakville is filled with small boutiques, bakeries, and ice cream parlours. Locals also enjoy heading over to local movie theatres like the 5 Drive-in for entertainment or going to Oakville Place for shopping. There’s no shortage of grocery stores like Whole Foods Market here. However, there is a shortage of fast food places since Oakville is known for independent and fine dining options. Most importantly, Oakville is known for its beautiful waterfront. You can easily transit around in this town, with easy access to QEW and the GO system, 

Oakville points of interest:

  • Bronte Creek Provincial Park 
  • Oakville Lighthouse 
  • Downtown Oakville 
  • Bronte Fisherman’s Memorial
  • Kerr Village
  • Oakville Art Society