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Lethbridge Apartments For Rent

Moving to Lethbridge?

Lethbridge is a great place to live, as it has something for almost everyone. The University of Lethbridge makes it a popular spot for students, the small-town feel and abundance of detached homes makes it perfect for families with young children, and it has ample amenities for seniors to enjoy as well. Plus, with well over 300 days of sunshine each year, it’s a nice place to be. And renters have their pick of where to live, thanks to an influx of developments, especially downtown.

Who lives in Lethbridge?

Students and seniors, and some families

What’s Lethbridge’s culture?

For the younger half of Lethbridge’s population, it’s all about student life: classes, campus parties and weekends spent at cafes downtown. For the older generation, there’s a slow pace of life to enjoy in this city. Locals go for walks by the river, cross-country skiing in the winter, gardening in the summer, and enjoying festivals and events that happen downtown. Religion is strong in Lethbridge, and it’s not a diverse city by any means, with nearly everyone being of Caucasian descent, with conservative views on politics and life in general.

What is Lethbridge’s housing market? 

It’s a good time to rent in Lethbridge. New apartments are popping up around the city, providing plenty of options and rental stock to fit most budgets. Students will have luck looking for an apartment near the university – if you’re wanting a lease for September 1, though, you’ll have some stiff competition, since everyone else is moving in then, too. Families and seniors will have some detached homes as options to rent.

Tips for apartment hunting in Lethbridge

September is peak season for rentals with the influx of students, so consider starting your search in the summer and moving in early to beat the rush.

Getting around in Lethbridge 

The Old Man River runs through the middle of Lethbridge, and is bordered by beautiful green spaces on both banks. To the west of the river is the University of Lethbridge, and Lethbridge College. Anywhere you look, you’ll find elementary and secondary schools, churches, medical clinics, and quiet neighbourhoods. Near the Victoria Park area is the local hospital. For shopping, head to Park Place Mall, Centre Village Mall, or any of the many big box stores in the city. Downtown is developing more each year, and has a good number of restaurants, bars and even some clubs.

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Lethbridge points of interest:

  • Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden
  • Southern Alberta Art Gallery
  • Galt Gardens
  • Galt Museum and Archives
  • Henderson Park
  • Exhibition Park
  • Fort Whoop-Up
  • High Level Bridge