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Burnaby Apartments For Rent

Moving to Burnaby? 

Burnaby is BC’s third largest city by population and is home to many high tech companies. Even though there is a high population density here, there are still many peaceful parks to enjoy – in fact, approximately 25% of the city’s land is park space or open space – not to mention the beautiful scenery and a quick escape to nature to many walking/hiking trails and mountains.

Who lives in Burnaby?

Young professionals, families, people of all cultures and religions. Burnaby is perfect for 

professionals who work downtown Vancouver or locally in Burnaby’s many offices and retail shop, but don’t want the price tag and bustle of downtown Vancouver life. It’s also a very popular spot for families..

What is Burnaby’s culture?

Burnaby offers a wide variety of urban amenities, combined with nature. Part of Metro Vancouver, many of Burnaby’s residents are young professionals, mainly in the tech industry. Its central location in the Lower Mainland makes it an easy starting point to go in and out of the city, to access the mountains and the Fraser Valley. With many schooling options, including Simon Fraser University, it is enticing to families with young and older children.

What is Burnaby’s housing market? 

Burnaby is part of Canada’s HOT housing market. Renting in Burnaby means looking early, looking often, and applying early to any place that fits the bill. Expect to pay high rent, if you are lucky enough to land an apartment.

Tips for apartment hunting in Burnaby

The cost of rent in Burnaby is constantly on the rise, making it one of the most expensive cities in BC. That being said, it is less expensive than Vancouver proper – but close enough to commute. If you don’t mind paying a little bit more to enjoy everything Burnaby has to offer, then it’s money well spent! But you need to act fast, because rentals in Burnaby don’t stay vacant for long! A report from September 2021 suggests that the most affordable neighbourhoods to rent on average range from $800-$1,300 per month, whereas the most expensive neighbourhoods range from $2,000-$2,200.

Something you should know:

Despite its proximity to Vancouver, Burnaby has a moderate to low crime rate. Despite this, it is always best practice to be cautious when out alone, especially at night.

Getting around in Burnaby

There are so many fantastic restaurants, lounges and clubs to visit in Burnaby that cater to all tastes and all ages. You should also soak up the opportunities to enjoy the various nature parks such as Burnaby Mountain Park, Deer Lake Park and Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park to name a few. Take yourself back to Burnaby in the 1920s at the Burnaby Village Museum and learn about where it all started. Enrich yourself at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. And of course you MUST check out the shopping at Canada’s second largest mall, Metropolis at Metrotown!

Burnaby points of interest:

  • Burnaby Village Museum
  • Burnaby Mountain Park
  • Deer Lake Park
  • Metropolis at Metrotown
  • Central Park
  • Barnet Marine Park
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park
  • Confederation Park
  • Burnaby Central Railway
  • The Shadbolt Centre For The Arts