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Navigating Manitoba's 2024 Rent Increase Guidelines: What Tenants and Landlords Need to Know

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As a tenant or landlord in the province of Manitoba, it's crucial to be aware of the recent changes to the rent increase guidelines, which are set by the Consumer Protection and Government Services. In a recent announcement, the Manitoba government unveiled a three percent increase in the rent guideline for 2024, which will take effect from January 1. This increase, the first since 2021 following two years at zero percent, has significant implications for both renters and property owners across the province.


Understanding the Increase Guideline

The new rent increase guideline is determined annually based on the Manitoba Consumer Price Index. While the actual inflation rate might exceed three percent, this guideline aligns with the Bank of Canada's target inflation range of one to three percent. This increase will apply to a wide range of residential rental properties, including apartments, single rooms, houses, and duplexes.

Exemptions from the Guideline

It's important to note that not all rental units will be subject to this three percent increase. Several categories remain exempt from the guideline, including:

  • Units renting for $1,615.00 or more per month
  • Various forms of social housing
  • Rental units owned and operated by provincial, municipal, or federal governments
  • Rental units in buildings first occupied after March 2005
  • Not-for-profit life lease units
  • Cooperative units
  • Approved rehabilitated rental units
  • If your rental unit falls under any of these categories, you may not be affected by the three percent increase in the rent guideline.

Tenant Protection Measures

The Manitoba government is taking steps to ensure that tenants are protected from sudden and significant rent increases. Under the new guideline, landlords are required to provide tenants with a minimum of three months' written notice before implementing any rent increase. Moreover, rent increases can only occur once a year, with few exceptions.

To illustrate, if a landlord wishes to implement the new rent increase from January 1, 2024, tenants must receive the notification no later than September 30, 2023. This timeline ensures that tenants have ample time to prepare for any changes in their housing costs.

Landlord Options

While the three percent increase guideline is in place, landlords do have the option to apply for a higher increase under certain circumstances. If landlords can demonstrate that the guideline increase doesn't cover the cost increases they've incurred, they can request a higher percentage increase.


Residential Tenancies Branch Assistance

Both tenants and landlords are encouraged to reach out to the Residential Tenancies Branch for more information on rent increases, as well as to better understand their respective rights and responsibilities. The branch provides valuable resources, including Notice of Rent Increase forms for landlords, available as electronic form submissions or printable formats.

As Manitoba prepares for a new year, the province's 2024 rent increase guidelines will impact tenants and landlords alike. It's essential for both parties to stay informed about these changes, ensuring a transparent and fair rental market for everyone involved. Whether you're a tenant looking to understand your rights or a landlord seeking clarification on the guidelines, the resources provided by the Residential Tenancies Branch are invaluable in navigating these changes.

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