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Best Pets For Apartment Living

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Whether you live alone, with your friends or your family, an animal companion helps make every house a home. While some landlords may not allow pets on their property, there are many housing options that will accommodate these additional family members. If you’re interested in adopting a pet, but not sure if you want a tail, fur, wings or scales - we’re here to help. With this blog, we will list some of the many potential options and assist you in finding the perfect pet for you and your apartment.



While being one of the most popular pet options, cats are also a great companion for apartment living. They are independent, affectionate and require minimal space. As long as you can fit a litter box, some toys and either a bed or cat tree, they are content. They are litter trained, meaning less time taking your pet outside and can amuse themselves throughout the day. However, there is the potential for damage to the unit from their biting and scratching. As well, there can be an odour from their litter box, so it will need to be cleaned frequently.



For those looking for a low-maintenance pet that is easy to keep track of, a fish may be the perfect fit for you. They require minimal space in your apartment, only living inside the aquarium you provide it. An added bonus - you can decorate the fish tank to match the aesthetic of your home. Depending on the breed of fish – for which there are many options to choose from – you can have multiple at one time. This means you can have plenty of companions to come home to at the end of the day. Keep in mind that they do have a short lifespan and will need to be repurchased every 3 to 5 years approximately.


Small Rodents

While this category of animals has the reputation of being vermin, they are far from it when domesticated. Some of your rodent options include hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and mice. These pets are affordable, small and require only a tiny portion of your home for their cage. Overall rodents are easy to care for as they are calm, nocturnal and can entertain themselves with enough stimulation. However, the cage is a magnet for odours, so make sure to clean it regularly.



These creatures may be cold-blooded, but they can still warm your heart. From geckos to snakes to lizards and turtles and everything in between, these animals have the potential to be your next best friend. They are very low-maintenance and require minimal space in your apartment but can be scary to some guests. Make sure they are well enclosed to protect yourself and anyone who may be afraid of them.



Could these flying friends be your next companion? There are specific breeds – such as budgies, cockatiels and finches – that are quieter than the rest, allowing for a peaceful living experience. The size space they need is dependent on the bird type, but most cages can fit into a small area. As well, birds are a low allergen for any of your hypersensitivity friends. On the other hand, birds do require a fair amount of attention and can be noisy if you purchase a louder breed. Do some research before buying a bird to see which would be best for you and your neighbours.


Small Dogs

They have the nickname ‘Man’s Best Friend’ for a reason. Some of the smaller breeds – like pugs, spaniels and French bulldogs – are great for apartment living if your building allows it. Dogs can be trained to be well behaved – especially during work hours – or else they could bark all day, resulting in numerous noise complaints. Dogs need a lot of attention, exercise and social interactions. Make sure to regularly walk them and train them to handle being alone for long periods of time. Otherwise, they may become destructive and damage your apartment.


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