Why Advertise

As a rental property manager or owner, you know that vacancies cost you time and money. The longer your property remains vacant the more money you lose in lost rent, mortgage payments, utility and maintenance payments, advertising, and dozens of other costs.

Consider a typical 30-day vacancy:
Lost rent or mortgage payment$900
Miscellaneous expenses (yard, etc.)$50
Advertising in your local paper$100 to $600

This typical vacancy would cost a landlord between $37 - $54 PER DAY! Just imagine how painful a 60 or 90 day vacancy can get. Have you been there before, are you there now? RentBoard.ca will drastically reduce your vacancy time. We do this by attracting a tremendous amount of tenants to our website.Sign Up to fill your vacancies
... and start saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

You also know that vacancies cost you money in the form of lost time. RentBoard.ca will save you hours of time between vacancies that you can use to be more efficient at work, or just to spend time with your family and friends. How can we do this? ...

Traditional Advertising

"Traditional" or "print" advertising typically looked something like this:

3 BR 2BA $900
2 Car Gar, North Side
Phone 123-9876


With the limited amount of information available, your conversation with a potential tenant will probably go like this...

"Hi, I'm calling about the ad in the paper. What is the address? How big is it? Is it close to schools? What is the deposit? Does it have a Washer and Dryer? Is there a basement? What does it look like? Can I get directions? Oh, by the way I have a dog and a cat, is that okay?"

Advertising on RentBoard.ca

With RentBoard.ca you can enter as much information as you want, and you may post pictures, video, and even a rental application form. Also, your rental listing(s) are automatically syndicated to the following sites for additional exposure:

  • AllClassifieds
  • AreaVibes
  • Listanza
  • Locanto
  • Mitula
  • Real Estate Wire (REW)
  • RentCanada
  • Trovit Canada
  • Walkscore
  • Zillow Real Estate
  • Zoeken
  • Zumper (and Padmapper)

The phone calls you receive from potential tenants with RentBoard.ca will be something like this...

I saw your rental property on RentBoard.ca and I would like to take a look at it. What time is good for you?

  • Which phone call would you rather take?
  • How many hours do you waste showing your property to unqualified tenants?
  • How many times has someone shown up only to say this isn't what I expected or wanted?

With RentBoard.ca the tenants already know exactly what you have to offer. Only very serious tenants will contact you for showings. This could save you hours of lost travel time.

Isn't it worth the 5-10 minutes it will take you to place your ad on RentBoard.ca to save hours of personal or business time?