Testimonials from Property Owners and Managers

When property owners or managers remove their rental ads, we ask them if they filled their vacancy through the ad they posted on the Rent Board, here is what they tell us.



SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

Your site is very effective and I was able to find a renter. Thank you.
Peter G.

AUGUST 24, 2021

I appreciate that I was credited with time to advertise with RentBoard. I will continue to use this site. 
Roberta F.

AUGUST 21, 2021

We were able to rent our property --- thanks to RentBoard. 
Les D.

AUGUST 19, 2021

RentBoard works exceptionally well and is worth every penny. 
Jo T.

AUGUST 12, 2021

Yes I rented it, I did have a very good response from RentBoard and will use it again! 
Carol Malko

AUGUST 7, 2021

Thank-you. You are my first choice site. Thank-you for your exposure you provide to your listings. 
Nina P.

AUGUST 2, 2021

Your website has always been very helpful in finding the right tenant for the property. Thanks. 
Waki S.

AUGUST 1, 2021

Your ad was a key reason for the large number of rental applications we received recently. 
Katherine W.

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