Testimonials from Property Managers and Owners about The Rent Board of Canada

The Rent Board is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to fill your rental vacancies!

Testimonials from Property Owners and Managers

When property owners or managers remove their rental ads, we ask them if they filled their vacancy through the ad they posted on the Rent Board, here is what they tell us nearly every day...


YES!! 99% of over 40 responses in 2 months was through your website. None through Kijiji and only a handful through Craigslist. Will absolutely recommend your site to others and will use it again in the future (but hopefully won't need to for a while!)
Lisa J.


Yes I did. Thank-you RentBoard!
Laurie S.


Yes, Very happy with RentBoard. Thank-you.
Dani T.


Yes, I filled the vacancy and VERY FAST! I also put an ad on Kijiji - the exact same ad and have had very little response. RentBoard is amazing and I'm extremely impressed and happy with the results! Thanks for being awesome,
Danika W.


Yes, thank-you very much for the service.
Amanda S.


Yes, Thank-you!
Steve W.


Yes, filled as a result of RentBoard.
Yvonne D.


Yes, Thank-you RentBoard
Tamara T.


Yes, it was helpful
Vick M.

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