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Ad Rates

Advertising rates as of 16-Jun-2021
All prices are in Canadian (CAD) Dollars

Standard Rates

  • Post one or more ads using the days you purchase. You may remove and repost ads as long as you have days in your account balance.

  •  Reward:  Remove your ads when vacancies are filled and the system will "credit back" any unused time to your RentBoard account. For example, if you post your ad for 30 days and after 10 days you find a renter, you can remove your ad and the system will credit back 20 days to your RentBoard account.
Number of Days Cost Cost / Day
90 $63.00 $0.70
60 $51.00 $0.85
30 $30.00 $1.00

Single Day Rate

  • $1.50 per day!
    Purchase from 7 to 19 days at our single day rate of $1.50 per day!

  •  Reward:  Same as our Standard Rates, when your remove your ad, any unused time will be credited back to your RentBoard account.

Membership Rates

  • Post vacancies as long as your membership is active!

  • If you own or manage a large number of rental properties consider our membership rates. Membership rates apply to property owners or management firms with 100 units or less; if you have more than 100 units, please Contact Us.
Duration Cost
3 months (92 days) $445.00
6 months (183 days) $795.00
12 months (365 days) $1,495.00

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Yes, very effective. Had lots of interest and was able to secure a tenant in 2 days.
- Andy W. 13-Jun-2021