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Signs You Didn’t Get The Apartment

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In the world of apartment hunting, not every journey ends with a lease agreement and a set of keys right away. As prospective tenants, the wait for a response can feel never-ending. In this blog, we will outline some potential indicators that you may not have secured an apartment and reasons why your application may have been declined.


No Follow-Up

If the landlord does not reach out after you submit the application or complete an interview, they likely have chosen another candidate. Property managers will typically contact applicants within the first 24-48 hours, requesting details or more information. This lack of response can hint that your application is not being considered. Use this as your cue to continue your search for your next perfect place.


Extended Decision-Making Time

The decision-making process for choosing the next tenant can vary due to a lot of factors, but it usually takes around 24-72 hours. If it takes longer than this anticipated time, it could be a strong sign that you are not going to be chosen. Quick, prompt responses are a good way to gauge their level of interest in your application.


The Apartment Is Still on The Market

If some time has passed after submitting the application and the listing is still posted, take this as an indicator that the landlord has not found a suitable candidate. Once they have a potential tenant, property managers will take down the listing or mark it as unavailable. Otherwise, they will be bombarded by unnecessary applications. While it may not be a for sure no, it can serve as a sign to keep moving on your apartment hunting journey.


Possible Factors That Can Affect Your Likelihood of Securing An Apartment

There are a few reasons why your application may not have been considered. The first could be that you had a bad rental history. If you didn’t pay rent on time, lost your security deposit from excessive damage to your unit or were evicted, either the landlord will find out or your previous property manager will tell them. If you try to lie or cover this – or other details – up, it can also lead to your application being rejected. If they find out that you lied about details that are deal breakers for them, you provide fake references or you commit fraud, your chances of securing the apartment will drastically diminish. Your credit score may not also be above the 600s, which is typically the minimum score to be considered ‘good.’ The landlord may not feel that you're financially responsible enough to become their tenant.

There may also be more technical things that led to your denial. One option is that you failed to follow instructions. This could be not filling out the application property or in its entirety or not following rules during apartment tours among other things. Lastly, it could be as simple as you did not apply fast enough. Rentals are in high demand and the market is quick to change. Therefore, if you find a property you’re interested in, put in an application as soon as you can.